TextYourself - Quick Start

  1. Send a new text message to our cell phone number: 904-406-8398 [?]
  2. Try any of these example messages:
    • what is the weather in Boston, MA
    • 8ball Should I use this service?
    • remind me in 4 hours to try TextYourself.com games
Featured "REMIND 60 Parking Meter"

Some TextYourself Examples:

  • Track lists by simple texts.
  • Store dates, phone numbers and more.
  • Set and Get Alarms by text.
  • Check local food specials.
  • Manage Time. Use text to track appointments and events.
  • Ideas! Never forget an idea.
  • Save money by saving time; get coupons by text and more.
TextYourself is a FREE service!* - Get started now with out quick start guide or simply text "demo" to 904-406-8398.

What is TextYourself?

We've merged the simpliciy of texting with our software to provide access to unlimited information and tools. Most of the text messages are handled automatically but we also have real people available to answer questions for you if you need them!

All text messages you send to our service are yours and available whenever you login. This makes is easy to store anything that you want to text yourself for safe keeping. Want to save a copy of an important text message? Just forward it to 904-406-8398 and access it later when you login.
You can export your messages at any time to your computer.

Send a text message to:

  • 904-406-TEXT (8398)

TextYourself is a bit like having your own personal assistant. For example, you can perform the following tasks:

  • set reminiders
  • set and get wakeup calls
  • get horoscopes
  • get the weather forcast, tide, sun and moon information
  • track your TODO lists
  • calculate a tip and easily split a restaurant bill
  • manage shopping lists
  • get the definition of a word
  • get word synonyms
  • get scores and schedules
  • find out the artist of a certain song
  • translate your messages to other languages
  • send a text message to a standard phone (text will be converted to audio)
  • get movie information and showtimes
  • manage your netflix queue
  • manage your carpool
  • get ideas for your date or night out
  • get recipes for food and drinks
  • get Amazon.com product prices and access reviews
  • upate your facebook status and get friends' status
  • update twitter and access tweets from your follows
  • post public texts when there is something you want to share with the world
  • flip a virtual coin or ask the 8ball when you can't decide something on your own
  • develop your own tools via our developer API
  • and dozens of other options that are listed on your online account's help page

Connect with TextYourself employees and other TextYourself users:

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* Your mobile phone carriers texting rates apply. We suggest using the TextYourself service only with an unlimted texting plan.